Fantasy Football ‘Draft’ Experts

The Fantasy Football Chaps are experts in Premier League ‘Draft’ Fantasy Football.

What do we mean by ‘Draft’ Fantasy Football?  Well its pretty simple:

Unlike standard Fantasy Football games whereby multiple managers in your league can own the same player, in Draft Fantasy Football a player can only be owned by one manager in the league.  Multiple ownership of players is not allowed.  The ‘Draft’ is the way players are selected by managers to represent their Fantasy Football team.  Managers will take it in turns to pick their players, based on a pre-determined order.

The majority of Fantasy Football websites, blogs, and forums focus on the type of game where you and your fellow managers can all own the same players.  This tried and tested method of playing Fantasy Football has been around for years, but it provides a very unimaginative format.

This is where we come in.  The Fantasy Football Chaps deliver expert knowledge in all things Draft Fantasy Football.  Our weekly content will provide you with advice on; finding those hidden gems, earning clean sheets from little known sources, and snapping up big name players before they return from injury.

Our aim is to share our expert knowledge in order to help all Draft Fantasy Football managers in their pursuit of greatness.


📝 Draft Platform 📝

Here at The Fantasy Football Chaps, we’re proud to be pioneer’s for having a Draft Fantasy Football League that runs COMPLETELY OFFLINE!  Check out our article looking into how to make this a reality, and have full control over customising your Draft League!

If this sounds like too much effort, we would highly recommend using an online platform from either the guys at Draft Fantasy or Fantrax.   Draft Fantasy uses a scoring system similar to the standard Official FPL game, where as Fantrax mainly uses the more intelligent scoring system made famous by Togga.  Both offer potential for end of season playoffs, as well as many other options for customisation!


🔥 Hot or Cold Player Rankings ❄️

Our Hot or Cold Player Rankings are here to outline the current prospects of key Draft Fantasy Football Players.  Our ‘Hot‘ or ‘Cold‘ status will help take away your emotional attachment to certain Premier League players, and bring in the players that you need to help you dominate your Draft League.  Use these hints and tips to increase your chances of success!


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