Is there ever the right time to move on from your First Round Draft pick…?

UPDATED: 16th August 2018

Being a Draft Fantasy Football manager is all about adapting to the ever changing nature of the season and reacting to those critical moments; such as a major injury to your First Round Draft pick.

Unlike standard Fantasy Football, a Draft Fantasy Football manager will not have the luxury of transferring out an injured Kevin De Bruyne for a fully fit replacement such as Eden Hazard, as he will obvious be owned by a rival manager; probably that rival managers First Round Draft pick.

So how can a Draft Fantasy Football manager react to these critical moments in the season; is there ever the right time to move on from your First Round Draft pick?

Lets first look at the current situation.

Kevin De Bruyne is injured.  Its his knee he injured two seasons ago.  Reports are suggesting De Bruyne could be out for up to four months out.  Some reports suggest De Bruyne could only be out for a couple of weeks.


Four Things To Consider


1. How long is the injury going to keep your First Round Draft pick out for?

If the injury is significant and the player is likely to be injured for anywhere in the region of 10+ games (almost a third of the season), keeping the player would be questionable and an alternative might be worth exploring.  Anything less than 10 games is annoying, but if your squad is strong, retaining the player might be worth the risk.  Either way, we need to explore the other questions for a definitive answer.

Injury length 1-4 weeks 5-8 weeks 9-12 weeks 12+ weeks
Decision Retain Retain – it’s annoying, but you cannot gamble on a First Round Draft pick Explore the options available – retaining is a risk but maybe a necessary one Consider a replacement


2. Who is available in the Free Agent market?

It is highly unlikely that there will be any available players of a similar quality; if there are then its a no brainer.  In reality you will need to look into a high quality player that isn’t fashionable (see our Hot or Cold player rankings feature to check out the type of player in this category).  The price of this type of player would potentially allow you to get two players of similar credentials to replace your First Draft Pick.

Of course, if your Draft Fantasy Football league rules allow for trading players between managers, this is something worth exploring.  The deal would likely to need to favour the rival manager, but if they are willing to take on the risk of your injured First Round Draft player, then why not attempt to get yourself a decent player from a rival manager; if not their First Draft pick!


3. At what stage of the the season are we?

A pretty simple question to answer.  If we are near the Christmas period where fixtures come thick and fast, and your First Round Draft pick looks set to miss all of Christmas and well into the new year; then it might be worth the gamble to move on.  It is a risk as rival managers might sign your chap, but if they don’t; you’re free to get your chap back before he returns to fitness.

Looking back to a previous season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic injured his ACL and I was in a title battle.  There was less than a third of the season left and no chance of Zlatan making a return before the season was out.  In this instance there is no risk involved, so moving on was the only option.


4. Where are you in the league?

If you are a top of the table chap, we need to consider whether holding onto your injured First Round Draft pick might see you drop off the pace?  Combine the answer with the length of the injury to help inform you of the right call.

If you are a Mid-table chap we’d suggest hanging on.  Continue picking up what points you can and hope that upon his return, your First Round Draft pick goes on a points frenzy.

Lingering around the bottom of the table holds the same challenge for those at the top but with differing pressure, obviously.  You need to consider whether retaining the injured First Round Draft pick will mean you fall behind your rivals or not.

Combining the answers to the four questions above should help you on your way to answering one of the toughest predicaments of Draft Fantasy Football.

So what about Kevin hey chaps?  Well we’d stick with him, there’s only been one gameweek, we don’t even know the full extent of the injury.

The injury could be long, long enough to be annoying, sure.  But coupled with the current stage of the season, the injury is still short enough to ensure the Kevin owners get at least two thirds of the season out of him.


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