Season Review: 15 Draft Hero’s

Here we outline 15 players who were absolute gems in Draft Fantasy Football this season.  These Premier League players exceeded expectations, and went on to score big points hauls over the course of the season.  This list includes some big name players who would have been drafted early, but still did better than expected, as well as some complete unknown players who completely smashed it this year!


**Our list includes the round that each of these players were drafted in our own classic 8 man Draft League, to give these picks a bit of perspective**


1. Mohamed Salah

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  Liverpool

FPL Points:  303

Season Review:  Absolute legendary season from this Chap.  No question about it.  The Egyptian “midfielder” has well and truly taken the Premier League by storm, scoring 32 goals, along with 12 assists.  He scooped the coveted PFA Player of the Year, as well as many other accolades.  In terms of Draft Fantasy Football, Salah would have been drafted in the second round in most eight man leagues… and he maybe even lasted until the third round!!  If you picked up this chap as the 10th overall draft pick or higher, you will have been laughing all season long.  Salah will surely be the first draft pick in most leagues next season.

Drafted:  2nd Round


2. Pascal Gross

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  Brighton & Hove Albion

FPL Points:  164

Season Review:  Now then, literally where did this come from???  Pascal Gross arrived at Brighton in the summer, off the back of a productive season at little-known German side Inglostadt.  Arriving for a fee of just £3 million, not much was expected of the German by most fantasy football managers, solely considering the insanely low fee for today’s market.  However, Gross took the Premier League by storm in the opening months, as he gained 8 attacking returns between GW4 and GW12!  Gross continued with decent form over the remainder of the season, finishing up with 7 goals and 8 assists.  Certainly not an elite level fantasy asset, but going into next season, he’ll be a great acquisition as a third or fourth midfielder, maybe drafting around the 8th or 9th round.

Drafted:  14th Round


3. Nick Pope

Position:  Goalkeeper

Team:  Burnley

FPL Points:  152

Season Review:  If any fantasy football player had ever heard of Nick Pope prior to his GW4 debut, we would be extremely surprised.  An unfortunate injury to Tom Heaton gave Pope his chance, and he certainly made the most of it.  Burnley’s backline were tremendous over the first four months of the season, despite losing Heaton to injury and Michael Keane to Everton over the summer.  Pope would have been available to basically all draft fantasy football managers, and gained an insane amount of clean sheets between GW6 and GW18.  He also produced a great deal of saves, which were subsequently rewarded using the FPL points scoring system.  There were question marks over Pope keeping his starting place, after Heaton returned from injury around March time, but the youngster did indeed stay in goal for the remainder of the season.  A remarkable season from a completely unknown player!

Drafted:  Undrafted


4. Raheem Sterling

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  Manchester City

FPL Points:  229

Season Review:  This season was truly Raheem Sterling’s coming out party.  The young Englishman absolutely smashed it, gaining 18 goals and 17 assists to end the season as the second highest overall points scorer!!  Sterling scored 149 FPL points last season, so there were signs that Pep was working is magic on the talented, but inconsistent winger.  This season he has cemented himself as an elite level FPL player, and will be highly sought after next season; potentially a first round draft pick!  There were question marks over Sterling at the start of the season, as he only managed 147 minutes of action over the first four games.  However, he went from strength to strength, and continued to bring home consistent attacking returns for the whole season. Well done Raheem, well done.

Drafted:  11th Round


5. Caesar Azpilicueta

Position:  Defender

Team:  Chelsea

FPL Points:  175

Season Review:  175 points for a defender?  Only outscored by just 10 other players?  Yes fucking please!  Azpilicueta produced a stunning season for the second consecutive year, bagging a huge points total, with 2 goals, 6 assists, lots of clean sheets, and of course, a huge amount of bonus points!  An absolute legend in Draft Fantasy Football if your league uses the FPL bonus points system.  A bona fide fantasy football asset, Azpi has cemented himself as the best defender in the game, and will surely be a 3rd or 4th round pick next season.  It will be interesting to see what happens at Chelsea over the summer, but the Spaniard will surely be scoring great points no matter what system the Blues are playing next year.

Drafted:  4th Round


6. Xherdan Shaqiri

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  Stoke City

FPL Points:  155

Season Review:  Shaqiri is an extremely talented footballer, so when he arrived from Inter Milan nearly three years ago, much as expected of him.  Unfortunately he failed to break the 100 point barrier during his first two seasons at Stoke.  However, this was the season he finally produced consistent returns, as he’s bagged 8 goals as well as 9 assists, to bring home over 150 points!  The Swiss international did this during an awful season for Stoke, as they were relegated from the Premier League after a 10 year stay.  Hopefully Shaqiri will make a move to a mid-table side, and have another successful season next year!  A move to Leicester to replace Mahrez?  A move to Crystal Palace to replace Zaha?  Maybe a move to Everton?

Drafted:  8th Round


7. Roberto Firmino

Position:  Striker

Team:  Liverpool

FPL Points:  181

Season Review:  Firmino produced his best season yet in the Premier League, with 15 goals and 8 assists.  His overall FPL points score of 181 has confirmed him status as an elite level fantasy football player.  The Brazilian was earmarked as a second round draft pick last year, and he more than justified this as he was the third highest scoring striker in FPL, sitting behind only Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy.  Next season, we would expect more of the same from Firmino, and we would expect him to be drafted around 8th/9th/10th overall draft pick.

Drafted:  2nd Round


8. Riyad Mahrez

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  Leicester City

FPL Points:  195

Season Review:  This season has been an extremely successful one for the Algerian midfielder, despite being surrounded by transfer speculation for most of it!  Last summer was filled with rumours that he wanted to leave the club, which led to him being undrafted in many Draft Fantasy Football Leagues.  Once the August deadline closed, a shrewd manager would have picked him up in the hope that he would knuckle down and bring home the points.  He did just that, scoring an amazing amount of points between September and January.  The end of January brought another sulk from Mahrez, as he tried to manufacture a move away from the club.  This failed to materialise, and after a brief AWOL spell, he returned to the team, and has brought home decent returns over the last few months.  Overall, an amazing season from Mahrez, with 12 goals and 13 assists.  If you were one of the lucky managers who snapped him up at the start of the season, well done to you!  Where will he be playing next season is anyone’s guess.

Drafted:  Undrafted


9. Phil Jones

Position:  Defender

Team:  Manchester United

FPL Points:  116

Season Review:  Big Phil has had an extremely successful season considering how low his stock was prior to the season starting.  Lindlof was expected to partner Bailly at the back for United, with Smalling and Jones providing cover.  However, after Lindelof failed to adapt to the English game, Jones was provided with an opportunity from the start of the season, and boy did he take it!!  There were rumours that Jones would be preferred at the start of the season, due to suspensions elsewhere, so if you took a punt on Jones in your draft, bravo chap, bravo.  The Englishman may not have a stunning total points score, but his points per game statistics are astonishing.  Jones has scored 115 points over 23 games, which averages out at 5 points per game – for a defender who scored and assisted no goals.  Looking further into these statistics, shows that Jones played 90 minutes 21 times this season, and amassed an incredible 15 clean sheets!  Therefore, when Jones played a full game for United, they usually kept a clean sheet.

Drafted:  15th Round


10. Marko Arnautovic

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  West Ham Utd

FPL Points:  144

Season Review:  You bastard Arnie.  Drafted early by many managers, he got himself sent off in GW2, and proceeded to play absolutely wank for the first 15 games of the season – gaining zero attacking returns.  Due to this, he was obviously dropped by most managers that drafted him… some of which drafted him pretty highly!  However, the arrival of David Moyes acted as a turning point, as he gained a massive 11 attacking returns in 9 appearances between GW16 and GW27!!  Arnie kept up a decent amount of form after this, ending the season with 18 attacking returns (11 goals, 7 assists).  Quite an astonishing turnaround, which would have benefited the managers that picked him up after that GW16 goal.  Here’s to hoping for a more consistent season from the Austrian next year!

Drafted:  4th Round


11. Luka Milivojevic

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  Crystal Palace

FPL Points:  144

Season Review:  A tremendous season from the Palace central midfielder, but in truth, it’s all been about his form over the second half of the season.  Milivojevic bagged nine attacking returns between GW22 to GW34, which included three consecutive goals in GW31, 32, and 33.  Overall, the Serbian has scored 144 points, with 10 goals and 2 assists.  Not bad for a defensive minded central midfielder!!  Mili has been dominating pentalties and free kicks for Crystal Palace, and expect much of the same next season.  Draft him in the later rounds, and sit back and enjoy the consistent returns from a true Draft Fantasy Football legend.

Drafted:  Undrafted


12. Jordan Ayew

Position:  Striker

Team:  Swansea City

FPL Points:  108

Season Review:  By no means an amazing season for this Chap, but for a third choice striker he’s served an extremely useful purpose.  With 7 goals and 2 assists this season, Ayew has only just reached the 100 point mark… However, having a third striker in your squad, who’s guaranteed to play every week, and will chip in with the odd goal is 100% needed in Draft Fantasy Football.  Most managers would have benched Ayew many times this season, but having him to fall back on when needed is essential for your squad management.  The Ghanaian striker would have been undrafted in many leagues, as Fernando Llorente was set to be Swansea’s main striker, so any manager that picked him up after the first few weeks of the season would have done pretty well.

Drafted:  Undrafted


13. Abdoulaye Doucoure

Position:  Midfielder

Team:  Watford

FPL Points:  136

Season Review:  Doucoure was an early season legend this season, taking over the Capoue spot from last season.  He gained 4 goals in the opening 9 games to offer managers a great asset to add to their squad as a fourth of fifth midfielder.  The Frenchman finished the season with 7 goals and 4 assists, and started all but 1 of Watford’s league games.  A great addition to any squad; a player guaranteed to start, and always has a chance to bag an attacking return.  More of the same next season, please.

Drafted:  Undrafted


14. Glenn Murray

Position:  Striker

Team:  Brighton & Hove Albion

FPL Points:  111

Season Review:  A somewhat inconsistent season from the veteran striker, as his form was up and down, and his game time seemingly always under threat.  Murray managed to bag 12 goals in total, including two red hot streaks!  One of these came between GW9 and GW11 where he gained 4 goals, and the other between GW25 and GW29, where he scored 5 goals!  Any manager who picked him up during these periods would have really been loving life, and could have easily decided many a match-up!

Drafted:  12th Round


15. Davinson Sanchez

Position:  Defender

Team:  Tottenham Hotspur

FPL Points:  107

Season Review:  A defender from a top six club, guaranteed to start every game, and available as a free agent after signing at the end of August?  Yes please.  If you managed to snap up Davinson Sanchez after the August transfer window closed, you did very well for yourself.  He’s had a stellar first season in English football, starting pretty much every game since his first start in GW4.  A serious injury to fellow centre back Toby Alderweireld undoubtedly helped increase his game time, but a solid season from the young centre back as he breached the 100 point barrier.

Drafted:  Undrafted


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