Draft Retrospective – Chap 1

It’s happened.  We’ve drafted for the new Draft Fantasy Football season…!!  The hours of draft prep were put to the test, as we settled down for a lovely Sunday afternoon drafting session at a fellow managers’ house.  Read below for our thoughts and reactions to our individual drafting experience, and the teams we ended up with.


A little background information – as we’re completely offline (i.e. we don’t use an online platform for our league administration), there are aspects to this draft that need to be pointed out:

  • We run a classic 8 man league
  • We use the player positions as defined by Official FPL
  • We use the player values as assigned on Official FPL in order to make things slightly more difficult.  A £100 million budget applies to our teams
  • WE DON’T USE A SNAKE DRAFT.  Whoever drafts 1st is at a huge advantage, as they will pick their players 1st, 9th, 17th etc.  Whoever drafts 8th picks their players 9th, 16th, 24th etc


Draft Round – 4th Round

I finished 4th in the draft activity in order to determine the order by which we drafted.  Drafting in round 4 is obviously a great slot, but I was disappointed to miss out on a draft position in the top 3, as this would have secured Kane, Salah, or Aubameyang.


Draft Strategy

Going into the draft my strategy was to load up on Strikers and Midfielders.  I had decided this would be the year I would draft all three strikers and all five midfielders in the opening 8 rounds.  I would then mop up the best Defenders that were left, and hopefully pick up a steady Goalkeeper in Pickford or Schmeichel.  Usually I’ll draft Azpi in the fourth round, and insert defenders sporadically from round 7 or 8 onwards.  As there are so many good defenders to go round, I was keen to mix up my strategy for this season!


Opening Rounds

So, as stated above, Salah, Kane, and Auba predictably went with the first three picks.  I was torn between picking up Lukaku or De Bruyne, but opted for Lukaku in Round 1 simply because he’s a striker who’s guaranteed to play.  I wasn’t expecting Firmino to last until my pick in the second round, and was concerned by Aguero’s minutes.  I know Lukaku can be a bit of donkey, and Mourinho really didn’t get the best out of him last season, but overall I’m happy to have secured a striker in Round 1.  Next up I opted for Mane in Round 2, after Hazard and Eriksen were snapped up directly before my pick.  I’m predicting Liverpool to take City close for the title, so overall happy to have Mane on board.  In Round 3 I opted for Arnautovic.  Ozil and Pogba were still to be chosen, but I went for the enigmatic Austrian due to his re-classification as a striker.  I was hoping to get two strikers from my first three picks, so at this stage I’m happy with how things were working out.


Middle Rounds

During the middle rounds, I stuck to my guns and stocked up on Midfielders and Strikers.  Round 4 I picked up Ramsey with the hope that his current injury isn’t a serious one, and Round 5 was new Everton signing Richarlison.  At this stage most of the big name midfielders had been drafted, and I’m hoping Richarlison starts this season strongly under the guidance of Marco Silva.  Felipe Anderson and Siggy were both available to me in Round 5, but I already had Arnautovic, and had a personal preference for Richarlison over Siggy.  Round 6 I completed by Striker roster, and picked up Josh King.  I’m a fan of him, and have had him the last two seasons.  Hopefully he will get back to his best this season!

Round 7 I opted for Maddison, and Round 8 was fellow Premier League new boy Ryan Sessegnon.  Both of these Chaps have zero experience at this level, but I’m a big fan of both players, and they will be the attacking focal points at Leicester and Fulham respectively.  Perhaps its a gamble to take two young players without a Premier League appearance between them, but I’m confident in both of their abilities.  Round 9 I started on my Defender picks, with Davinson Sanchez taking up my first slot.  The young centre back was impressive last season, and is guaranteed to start in a very good Tottenham side.


Later Rounds

The final rounds consisted of picking up Defenders who are guaranteed to start for the big teams (mainly), as well as getting a couple of decent Goalkeepers.  Round 10 was Arsenal new boy Sokratis, Round 11 I picked up Schmeichel, and Davies, Sakho, and Lovren soon followed.  Wolves stopper Patricio completed my 15 man squad.  I was surprised to see Davies still a free agent come Round 12, but I guess my fellow managers were put off by being a rotation risk.  I think he’s a safe bet to start more often than not, and I have Davinson Sanchez to cover his potential absence.  Valencia was also a free agent at this point, and I may regret taking Davies instead of the veteran United right back.  I was also surprised to see the self-proclaimed “best defender in the world” Dejan Lovren a free agent in Round 14, so happily snapped him up as my fifth defender.


Full Team

GK – Schmeichel (Round 11)

GK – Patricio (Round 15)

DEF – Sanchez (Round 9)

DEF – Sokratis (Round 10)

DEF – Davies (Round 12)

DEF – Sakho (Round 13)

DEF – Lovren (Round 14)

MID – Mane (Round 2)

MID – Ramsey (Round 4)

MID – Richarlison (Round 5)

MID – Madisson (Round 7)

MID – Sessegnon (Round 8)

FWD – Lukaku (Round 1)

FWD – Arnie (Round 3)

FWD – King (Round 6)



Overall, I’m delighted with my draft.  I wanted two strikers within the first three rounds, and I ended up with Lukaku and Arnautovic.  My midfielders are all players that I like, and I was surprised to be able to pick up Richarlison in round 5, and Sessegnon in round 8.  I had predicted they would go a round or two before they did.  In defence I’ve got guaranteed starters from top 6 sides, which I’m pretty content with.  Obviously Van Dijk or Robertson are better than Lovren, and Bellerin will probably outscore Sokratis.  But their points scores will perhaps not be too far apart come the end of the season, and this meant I could pick up some good mid-range midfielders and strikers.  Here’s to a successful season!!


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📝 Draft Platform 📝

Here at The Fantasy Football Chaps, we’re proud to be pioneer’s for having a Draft Fantasy Football League that runs COMPLETELY OFFLINE!  Check out our article looking into how to make this a reality, and have full control over customising your Draft League!

If this sounds like too much effort, we would highly recommend using an online platform from the guys at Draft Fantasy.  Lots of customisation options available, including Kante bonus, end of season playoffs, flex positions, and customised squad sizes!  Check them out at www.draftfantasyfootball.co.uk


🔥 Hot or Cold Player Rankings ❄️

Our Hot or Cold Player Rankings are here to outline the current prospects of key Draft Fantasy Football Players.  Our ‘Hot‘ or ‘Cold‘ status will help take away your emotional attachment to certain Premier League players, and bring in the players that you need to help you dominate your Draft League.  Use these hints and tips to increase your chances of success!


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