Draft Retrospective – Chap 2

If you’ve read out first ‘Draft Retrospective’ post by Chap 1; you’ll already be aware that it’s happened.  We’ve drafted for the new Draft Fantasy Football season…!!  The hours of draft prep were put to the test, as we settled down for a lovely Sunday afternoon drafting session at a fellow managers’ house.  Read below for our thoughts and reactions to our individual drafting experience, and the teams we ended up with.


A little background information – as we’re completely offline (i.e. we don’t use an online platform for our league administration), there are aspects to this draft that need to be pointed out:

  • We run a classic 8 man league
  • We use the player positions as defined by Official FPL
  • We use the player values as assigned on Official FPL in order to make things slightly more difficult.  A £100 million budget applies to our teams
  • WE DON’T USE A SNAKE DRAFT.  Whoever drafts 1st is at a huge advantage, as they will pick their players 1st, 9th, 17th etc.  Whoever drafts 8th picks their players 9th , 16th, 24th etc


Draft Round – 6th Round

The beauty of the draft activity is that you are riding high with a top 2 draft spot and within minutes you crash back down to earth wondering why you voted against snake drafts and with the realisation that you are drafting 6th.


Draft Strategy

I’m drafting in 6th place so its time to get my act together and if I know one thing for sure; I can rely on my draft prep.

In 6th place I was sure I would get a strong striker and midfielder in the opening two rounds; with rounds 3 and 4 targeting another midfielder and striker to ensure I will get goals.

Typically, my draft strategy has always been to focus on goals; 2 strikers, 4 midfielders, 1 very good defender and a good goalkeeper in the opening 8 rounds.  But drafting in 6th place, I knew that the above average midfielders would be at a premium; so I practiced what we preached in our ‘how to draft guide’ article, changing and adapting my draft strategy.


Opening Rounds

Round 1 came down to either Aguero or Sanchez for me; I went with Sanchez.  The way I see it, Sanchez will play in a forwards role and as he is classed as a midfielder (as mentioned, we us the Official FPL player positions) his attacking returns will bring more points than an out-and-outright striker.  For me I don’t like the potential Manchester City rotation and inevitable 4 week injury Aguero will pick up, which swings in to Sanchez.

As Round 2 progressed it became apparent that the strikers were very much at a premium; so I jumped in for Vardy.  There were options; Morata, Arnautovic, and Zaha – but I don’t like what I have seen of Morata, and I prefer the chances of Vardy for bigger points over Arnautovic and Zaha.

I was pretty confident and hopeful that going into round 3 my two main targets Mahrez and Pogba would still be available, but both went before I had the chance; so I punted on Ozil in Round 3.  The signs are good for me at present, Emery looks like he favours the playmaker and having retired from International football fingers crossed Ozil steps up this season!  He is available for trades.


Middle Rounds

Rounds 4, 5 and 6 were all about getting myself a reliable defence that will score me big points.  My first defender Valencia came in the 4th Round having already seen Walker, Azpilicueta, and Mendy all going before I had the chance.  I decided to bag myself Vertonghen in Round 5; with Lloris already gone and my reluctance to jump on the Spurs wing back rotation train, Vertonghen guarantees me a regular Spurs cleanie.  Round 6 is traditionally the goalkeeper round and this year did not disappoint the traditionalists as De Gea and Ederson joined Lloris in having been drafted category; so without hesitation I nailed down Alisson.  The Liverpool defence looked much stronger with van Dijk; Alisson is a better keeper than both Mignolet and Karius put together so its a no brainer for a top 4 goalkeeper.

With only one striker in the bank and with options beginning to run out, Callum Wilson was my 7th Round draft pick.  He’s reliable and guaranteed to play (providing he stays fit).  I chose Rounds 8 and 9 to go in for two low budget attacking midfielders in Deulofeu and Kenedy; these are the types of chaps that we regularly talk about in our ‘Punting for Gold’ features.


Later Rounds

The beauty of drafting Deulofeu and Kenedy in rounds 8 and 9 meant I had budget to play with going into the final rounds.

My third defender Alonso came in the 10th Round with possibly the pick of the draft coming in the 11th Round as I snapped up Sterling.  Ok, I know what you are thinking – why is Sterling still available?  I think his £11m price tag had a lot to do with it, as does the fact that Manchester City are red alert for rotation.  Perhaps I’ve made a rogue move here; but he is a punt.  An 11th round punt.  If it comes off, its a golden move.  If it fails, I can transfer Sterling out for someone like Kieta, Willian, or Shaqiri nearer the African Cup of Nations time.

Although the buzz of picking up two of last seasons star performers in the 10th and 11th rounds was still fresh, the reality soon kicked in that I needed a 3rd striker and I needed to watch the pennies having just blown £17.5m.  With this in mind I brought in Sorloth as my 12th Round pick.  The Palace striker is not a household name, but with Benteke being such an average player, Palace typically preferring 4-4-2, and Sorloth having featured so prominently in pre-season; it feels like a solid 3rd choice striker pick.  Lets face it, with the likes of Rondon and Mitrovic joining the Premier League, if Sorloth turns out to be a bad move, I have options.

With budget constraints looming, rounds 13 – 15 were bound to be a little more boring than the previous three.  In Round 13 I brought in my reserve keeper, Huddersfield no.1 Lossl who was impressive last season in an average side.  Finally I brought my 2018/19 draft to a close with Chilwell in the 14th Round and Doherty in the 15th and final Round.  Both are starting wingbacks for their sides and offer cheap defensive and attacking returns.


Full Team

GK – Alisson (Round 6)

GK – Lossl (Round 13)

DEF – Valencia (Round 4)

DEF – Vertonghen (Round 5)

DEF – Alonso (Round 10)

DEF – Chilwell (Round 14)

DEF – Doherty (Round 15)

MID – Sanchez (Round 1)

MID – Ozil (Round 3)

MID – Deulofeu (Round 8)

MID – Kenedy (Round 9)

MID – Sterling (Round 11)

FWD – Vardy (Round 2)

FWD – Wilson (Round 7)

FWD – Sorloth (Round 12)



Overall I am pretty happy with my squad having drafted in 6th place.  Sorloth is my biggest regret and will probably be my first transfer, but there is a chance he will play in the opening gameweek; so I will reserve judgement until then.  Ozil is not my favourite player and I’ve already made it known I am open to trades for him; perhaps I can entice a fellow manager into a trade?  Finally, Sterling and possibly Alonso (having seen how bad he played in the Charity Shield) are my big gambles; but 10th and 11th round gambles which could well come off are worth a punt!


📢 Draft Retrospective 📢

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📝 Draft Platform 📝

Here at The Fantasy Football Chaps, we’re proud to be pioneer’s for having a Draft Fantasy Football League that runs COMPLETELY OFFLINE!  Check out our article looking into how to make this a reality, and have full control over customising your Draft League!

If this sounds like too much effort, we would highly recommend using an online platform from the guys at Draft Fantasy.  Lots of customisation options available, including Kante bonus, end of season playoffs, flex positions, and customised squad sizes!  Check them out at www.draftfantasyfootball.co.uk


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