Draft Fantasy / Fantrax Scoring Comparison – DEFs and GKs

There are a large number of platforms out there for Chaps like us to play Premier League Draft Fantasy Football.  In the year and a bit that we’ve been doing this website, we’ve been focusing our content on the more traditional scoring systems used by Draft Fantasy and FPL Draft.

In recent weeks, we’ve been getting to grips with the more sophisticated Togga scoring system, which is widely used on the Fantrax platform. We now feature Fantrax stats and specific players to target in our Hot or Cold Player Rankings, if you haven’t already checked them out!

In order to get to grips with a whole new scoring system, we’ve done an analysis of players; comparing the Draft Fantasy / FPL Draft scoring system to that of Togga. The tables below show these comparisons, and outlines just how different they are!  Hopefully these tables will help any of you looking to make the move over to the more complex scoring matrix made popular by Togga… Or, these tables might help Togga users understand the simplistic Draft Fantasy / FPL Draft scoring system!


Things to note:

  • Scores correct as of GW12
  • Standard Draft Fantasy / FPL Draft scoring used – including bonus points, excluding Kante Bonus
  • Default Togga scoring used, as defined by Fantrax using the ‘Togga Compatible – H2H Points’ option
  • PPG = Points Per Game


🛡 Defenders 🛡

Defenders are extremely valuable in Togga scoring systems, due to the fact that points are awarded for Key Passes rather than just assisting a goal.  Therefore, if you own a full-back or wing-back who lays on plenty of chances for his team mates, but they fail to convert the chances, your player will still be rewarded based on the key pass that was made.  Points are also awarded for Clearances, Interceptions and Aerials, so a dominating defender such as Michael Keane or Sol Bamba will greatly benefit from additional points from these sources.

A great example of a chance-creating Defender is Ben Chilwell.  He has created a huge amount of key chances for his Leicester team mates, but has only registered two assists.  In Draft Fantasy scoring he is therefore only the 19th highest scorer, but in Togga scoring he’s the 8th highest scorer, as his key passes have been registered in the more sophisticated scoring system.  This is just one example of where a player can benefit from the intelligent Togga system.

The tables below will look into specific players who are better or worse off on the Togga scoring system.  Lets get nerdy!

DEF Fantrax 1

As highlighted above, with additional points awarded for Key Passes, Clearances, Interceptions and Aerials, certain types of players will greatly benefit.  Matt Doherty joins Ben Chilwell in the “Key Passes Club”, as he is the highest scoring defender using the Togga scoring system.  This is because he creates a huge amount of chances for his team mates, as well as gaining the additional points for interceptions and clearances as a defender.  These two Chaps are key figures in the Togga world, as they are averaging over 10 Points Per Game (PPG), and were relatively unknown quantities going into this season.

Two players in this table that greatly benefit from the additional points for Clearances, Interceptions and Aerials, are Michael Keane and Shane DuffyKeane in particular has been impressive so far this season, as he’s averaging just over 13 PPG, and is the 6th best defender using Togga scoring.  He’s still a great player to own in Draft Fantasy, as he’s the 13th best defender on that platform.  Duffy is still a good player to own in either format, but his Togga PPG average of just over 10 takes him level with elite defenders such as Kyle Walker or Virgil Van Dijk – very impressive for a Brighton defender!

Four players that see their Togga Rank plummet somewhat are Aymeric Laporte, Antonio Rudiger, David Luiz, and Ceasar Azpilicueta.  All four of these players have a Togga PPG average of below 10, which puts them between 17th and 28th in the overall Togga Rankings.  Whereas their Draft Fantasy Rankings are between 4th and 12th.  They are still good players to own in Togga, but their PPG average of below 10 shows that they are not on the same level as other big name defenders such as Marcos Alonso, Andrew Robertson, or Benjamin Mendy.

DEF Fantrax 2

The headline news from this second group of players, is just how damn good Sol Bamba is on Togga scoring!  His Draft Fantasy Rank is a respectable 25th overall, but his Togga Rank puts him as the 9th highest scoring defender… for a Cardiff player!!  His Clearances, Interceptions and Aerials stats are very good, and are gaining him plenty of points every week.  Just over 11 PPG on average for the Cardiff Defender!

Lucas Digne is another member of the Key Passes Club, as he gains around 3 key passes every single game.  This coupled with his Clearances, Interceptions and Aerials puts him at nearly 12 PPG on average on Togga scoring.  The Frenchman is the 38th highest scorer in Draft Fantasy, but the 11th highest scorer in Togga.  Considering he missed the first few games of the season, his points scoring has been extremely good.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Shkodran Mustafi are two other defenders who benefit greatly from the sophisticated Togga scoring system – they are ranked much higher on Togga than on Draft Fantasy.

On the other side of things, there are a few players in this section that are under-performing on the Togga scoring system.  Nathan Ake, Patrick Van Aanholt, Toby Alderweireld, John Stones, Craig Cathcart, and Conor Coady are players that fair a lot better on Draft Fantasy scoring, where their individual statistics do not really come into consideration.  Coady in particular is a poor Togga performer… he’s ranked 33rd overall on Draft Fantasy, but drops to a lowly 80th overall using Togga scoring.

DEF Fantrax 3

From this final group of players we’ve got a handful of defenders that hit a very good PPG average on Togga, and are well worth highlighting.  Jamaal Lascelles scores nearly 8.5 PPG playing for a poor Newcastle side – he’s a magnet for Clearances and Aerials in particular.  West Ham defender Fabian Balbuena is also a great shout in Togga leagues, as he too has a good PPG ratio.  Similar to Sol Bamba further up this list, Sean Morrison has a great Togga scoring ability… his Draft Fantasy rank is 57th overall, but in Togga he’s the 15th highest scoring defender!

Two big name players who have a great PPG average, but are fairly low down the list due to limited playing time, are Nacho Monreal and Danny Rose.  Monreal looks to have now lost his place in the side to Kolasinac, but Rose could be utilised if his rotation with Davies can be predicted.

And a few players who are poor performers on the Togga scoring system are Mamadou Sakho, Cedric Soares, and Kurt Zouma.  They have decent Draft Fantasy Rankings, but are well down the standings on the Togga format.


🤚 Goalkeepers ✋

Goalkeepers offer a decent amount of points in Draft Fantasy scoring, as they can often match defenders due to clean sheet and save points.  However, things are a bit different in Togga scoring – Goalkeepers are notoriously bad scorers.  They hold little value in the game, as they tend to score much lower than their defensive counter parts.  Therefore we won’t dwell on goalkeepers too much;  just point out a couple of things of recognition from the table below.

GK Fantrax

Ederson and Allison are the two best Goalkeepers on both scoring systems, they feature for the two best defences in the league; so we would expect them to be at the top of the pile.  So far so good.

Hart is an interesting one, as his Points Per Game (PPG) ratio is nearly at the level of Ederson and Allison in Togga scoring.  Funny that, considering Burnley have been very poor at the back this season. But the amount of saves Hart is making really boosts his tally.  Anyone that owns Hart will be very happy with themselves; 8 PPG is pretty good for a Goalkeeper in Togga scoring.

Elsewhere, Lloris is a very interesting prospect.  He’s perhaps a little under the radar due to his lower overall score (especially in Draft Fantasy scoring) but his PPG record is the best out of all Goalkeepers across both of these platforms.  In Draft Fantasy scoring, Lloris  just edges out Ederson on PPG, but on Togga he’s absolutely smashing it.  Over 10 PPG for a keeper is extremely good.  Lloris is currently the elite Togga scoring shot-stopper, that’s for sure.  Other than these four, Mat Ryan is the only other Goalkeeper to average over 7 PPG in Togga scoring, showing the limited scoring appeal of this position.


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📝 Draft Platform 📝

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If this sounds like too much effort, we would highly recommend using an online platform from either the guys at Draft Fantasy or Fantrax.   Draft Fantasy uses a scoring system similar to the standard Official FPL game, where as Fantrax mainly uses the more intelligent scoring system made famous by Togga.  Both offer potential for end of season playoffs, as well as many other options for customisation!


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