Draft Fantasy / Fantrax Scoring Comparison – FWDs and MIDs

There are a large number of platforms out there for Chaps like us to play Premier League Draft Fantasy Football.  In the year and a bit that we’ve been doing this website, we’ve been focusing our content on the more traditional scoring systems used by Draft Fantasy and FPL Draft.

In recent weeks, we’ve been getting to grips with the more sophisticated Togga scoring system, which is widely used on the Fantrax platform. We now feature Fantrax stats and specific players to target in our Hot or Cold Player Rankings, if you haven’t already checked them out!

In order to get to grips with a whole new scoring system, we’ve done an analysis of players; comparing the Draft Fantasy / FPL Draft scoring system to that of Togga. The tables below show these comparisons, and outlines just how different they are!  Hopefully these tables will help any of you looking to make the move over to the more complex scoring matrix made popular by Togga… Or, these tables might help Togga users understand the simplistic Draft Fantasy / FPL Draft scoring system!


Things to note:

  • Scores updated as of GW12
  • Standard Draft Fantasy / FPL Draft scoring used – including bonus points, excluding Kante Bonus
  • Default Togga scoring used, as defined by Fantrax using the ‘Togga Compatible – H2H Points’ option
  • PPG = Points Per Game


⚽️ Forwards/Midfielders 🎯

One of the main differences between Draft Fantasy and Fantrax is the player position classifications.  Fantrax places far more players in the Forward category, meaning there is actually a hell of a lot of Forwards to go around.  Players such as Sterling, Salah, Hazard, Richarlison and Mane are classified as Forwards rather than Midfielders.

This also means that certain Midfielders hold much more value in Fantrax.  Out-and-out midfielders acting as playmakers in their sides score very well in Togga.  Players such as Joao Moutinho or Jonjo Shelvey hold little value in a Draft Fantasy or FPL Draft scoring system, but in Togga they tick along with impressive scores most weeks, based on receiving points from their passing or tackling statistics.

The Fantrax classifications mean that Forwards and Midfielders individually hold good value, and therefore managers can target certain types of players based on their preferred style of play.  In Draft Fantasy there is always a limited number of Forwards that are genuinely good prospects.  Kante Points brings players like Idrissa Gueye or Wilfred Ndidi into consideration, but as there are so many Midfielders that already score well, Kante Points are largely ignored in a classic 8 man league.  This is where Fantrax becomes a great platform to use – there are great options for points across all positions.

However, this is where things get tricky for us comparing the Draft Fantasy and Togga scoring systems.  As a lot of players have different position classifications, we have decided to analyse the Forwards and Midfielders as a combined table.  The below information displays strikers, attacking midfielders, and deep-lying playmakers directly against each other.  Got it?  Right.  Lets get nerdy!

FWD MID Fantrax 1

Eden Hazard is the star of the show here – he leads the pack in both Draft Fantasy and Togga scoring systems.  18.55 Points Per Game (PPG) in Togga is just ridiculous.  Owners of Hazard will be very pleased with themselves.  Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling, and Mohammed Salah are also performing extremely well in Togga scoring, as all three of them averages over 15 PPG!

Elsewhere, the outstanding performer has to be Gylfi Sigurdsson.  The Everton playmaker is the 9th highest scoring Draft Fantasy player, although he’s amazingly the 4th highest scoring Togga player in this list!  His average PPG is above 15, similar to the big names mentioned above.  One player who has a greater PPG ratio on Togga, but a lower overall score due to missing a couple of games, is David Silva.  He’s an absolute beast on Togga scoring, coming in at 7th in the Togga Rankings for this list, despite being only 15th in the Draft Fantasy Rankings.  His attacking returns, as well as Key Passes, are serving him extremely well this season.

Two more players from the above table who are doing very well are Ryan Fraser and Felipe Anderson.  This data shows that Fraser is carrying over his excellent Draft Fantasy scoring into Togga, as he ranks 6th of both platforms.  However, Anderson is far more effective on the Togga format.  The Brazilian has a Draft Fantasy Rank of 19th, but a Togga Rank of 9th.  Being the playmaker for much of West Ham’s attacks is proving beneficial, as he is one of the best out-and-out midfielders on the Togga scoring system.

In terms of the players who perform badly on Togga, one person in particular has a poor scoring record compared to Draft Fantasy; Roberto Pereyra.  The Watford man has a Draft Fantasy Rank of 12th, but a Togga Rank of 35th.  His PPG average of 8.62 simply does not hold up against the top performing players on the intelligent Togga scoring system.

Other players to perform worse on Togga are Sadio Mane, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Harry Kane, and Anthony Martial.  All of these players are worth owning on Togga, but their impact is less than on the Draft Fantasy platform.  This is something to be aware of if you’re looking to delve into the Fantrax game – Sigurdsson is better than Kane on Togga scoring… Anderson is better than Mane….

FWD MID Fantrax 2

This table provides us with three absolute Togga beasts!  Willian, James Maddison and Paul Pogba are all good players on Draft Fantasy scoring… but they excel themselves on the Togga scoring system!  Willian has a Draft Fantasy Rank of 25th, but a Togga Rank of 10th.  Maddison has a Draft Fantasy Rank of 25th, but a Togga Rank of 17th.  And Pogba has a Draft Fantasy Rank of 28th, but a Togga Rank of 12th.  These jumps up the rankings may not seem much, but the fact that all three of them are averaging over 12 PPG in the Togga scoring format shows how valuable they are on Fantrax!

Elsewhere, there are three lesser names that are averaging over 10 PPG in Togga scoring – Erik Lamela, Joshua King, and Danny Ings.  Their Togga Rank on overall points isn’t amazing, but their PPG ratio’s show that they are valuable players on this format, as long as they are playing regularly.

A couple of players that are performing badly in Togga scoring compared to Draft Fantasy are Ross Barkley and Mesut OzilBarkley tumbles from a Draft Fantasy Rank of 27th, down to a Togga Rank of 69th.  And Ozil drops from a Draft Fantasy Rank of 28th, down to a Togga Rank of 49th.  Ozil maintains a PPG average of just over 9, which is still good, but Barkley’s PPG average of 6.86 is pretty poor.  The Englishman is one to avoid on Togga.

Overall, most of these players are good players to own on the Togga scoring format, as well as on Draft Fantasy.  An average PPG of around 8 or 9 is good for the Togga system, and most of these Chaps make the cut as players that hold value across both of these platforms.

FWD MID Fantrax 3

Callum Paterson is the main talking point from this group of players.  On Draft Fantasy he’s classified as a Midfielder, and has a Rank of 45th.  On Togga he is classified as a Defender (yes, really), and has a Rank of 3rd!!!  The Cardiff man was putting in some decent performances scoring wise earlier in the season, but now that he’s been moved to the central striker role, he’s become an absolute Togga scoring freak.  Adding goals to go alongside his Aerial dominance has meant that his average PPG ratio for Togga has sky rocketed to just over 14!!  Paterson is still worth a slot in a Draft Fantasy side, but he’s become absolutely essential in a Togga/Fantrax side!  Sign him up immediately if you’re using Togga scoring.

Now we move on to four Midfielders who have little value on Draft Fantasy platforms, but huge value on Togga!  Because of the increased number of forwards, and therefore lack of midfielders available on Fantrax, out-and-out midfielders who score consistently well are relatively hard to come by.  This table features four midfielders that excel on Togga, as they continually rack up good points for Key Passes, Clearances, Aerials, or Interceptions.  Joao Moutinho, Jean Michael Seri, Luka Milivojevic, and Wilfred Ndidi are the players we are talking about.  All four of these Chaps have had limited attacking returns so far this season, but have managed to gain an average PPG ratio of over 9!!  These are the types of players that Togga managers find extremely valuable!

Now we also have several players who’s style is not suited to the sophisticated Togga scoring system.  The likes of David Brooks, Gini Wijnaldum, Solly March, Kelechi Iheanahco, Jamie Vardy, Jorginho, and Aaron Lennon just do not score well on Togga.  Their Draft Fantasy Rank is ok… but their Togga Rank tumbles somewhat.  Wijnaldum is a particularly bad Togga scorer – he drops from 45th on Draft Fantasy, down to 104th on Togga!

Jamie Vardy is worth a mention here also.  His PPG ratio of 7.8 on Togga isn’t the worst, but because he’s so heavily reliant on goals, his value in Togga is low.  If he scores for Leicester, then his points score for that GW is good.  If he doesn’t score, his points score for that GW is pretty bad.  Owning a Forward that puts in a decent score every single week is usually a better strategy than holding on to Vardy for a good score once in every three or four games.

FWD MID Fantrax 4

A few players to highlight from this table are Anthony Knockaert, Kenedy, Troy Deeney, Andros Townsend, and Pierre-Emile Hojberg.  All five of these players perform better on Togga than they do on Draft Fantasy, so they are well worth considering for the Togga system even if they have a limited Draft Fantasy potential.  Deeney is the most interesting from this group – he’s averaged 11 PPG so far this season on the Togga system.  His off the ball work provides him with a much higher level of points.

And a few players that are poor on the Togga scoring system are Will Hughes, Andre Gray, Ryan Sessegnon, and Josh Murphy.  These players are smaller guys that will not benefit from Clearances, Aerials, or Interceptions, and will potentially lose the ball fairly often due to their smaller stature.  They need to add attacking returns to their play if they are to become good assets in the Togga format.

FWD MID Fantrax 5

This table provides us with three big name players who have struggled for game-time so far this season, but are gaining decent PPG ratio’s on the Togga system.  Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud, and Dele Alli are all players that could be good players on the Togga scoring format if they can establish themselves over the coming weeks and months.  This is however, the same in the Draft Fantasy scoring format.

Salomon Rondon is also a player that has potential to break out from this group of low scoring players if he can find some form… but again this is relevant for Togga scoring, as well as Draft Fantasy scoring.  Nathan Redmond however, is someone that excels himself on the Togga scoring system.  He’s ranked 79th on Draft Fantasy, but ranked 51st on Togga with a PPG average of 7.33 which is very good for a player with zero attacking reutrns!!!  He could be a breakout Togga proposition if he can start adding goals or assists to his game!

One player who didn’t make it into the table above, based on his lowly 21 points so far in Draft Fantasy, is Jonjo Shelvey.  He has very little impact on this platform, but the story is completely different on the Togga scoring system!  Due to his impressive passing range, Shelvey gains lots of points for Key Passes.  So even if his Newcastle team mates are shocking in front of goal, he still gets recognition for setting up the chances.  Shelvey has a PPG ratio of just over 10, which is extremely good for a player from a side struggling for form, and indeed goals.


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If this sounds like too much effort, we would highly recommend using an online platform from either the guys at Draft Fantasy or Fantrax.   Draft Fantasy uses a scoring system similar to the standard Official FPL game, where as Fantrax mainly uses the more intelligent scoring system made famous by Togga.  Both offer potential for end of season playoffs, as well as many other options for customisation!


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