End of Season Doubles and Blanks Strategy

Following on from our Blank GW31 Strategy Guide, the remaining Premier League Double and Blank Gameweek’s require some careful navigating now that the re-arranged fixtures have been announced!!  This period can make or break your season, so we’re here to provide some hints and tips to make this a successful period in your Draft League.


For the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on providing hints and tips for Draft Fantasy and FPL Draft players.  Unfortunately, the Fantrax Doubles and Blanks do not align with the Official FPL GWs, and therefore they are very hard to provide general guidance for!  We’ve created a Fantrax Power Rankings article to cater for Fantrax managers… check out the players we’re ranking highly between GW32 to GW36!


Our friend @tottiandor has created a great table marking out where the fixtures fall for Fantrax managers.  Check out his incredible work here!!  This is essential information for Fantrax managers, as their GW fixture lists can be quite hard to find/decipher!


📚 General Strategy 📚

We delved into various strategies in lots of depth for GW31, so we’ll just briefly talk though a few points here.

Firstly, before you do anything on these Double and Blank GW’s, you need to look at your own team for the particular GW and work out how many players you have with the all important Doubles or Blanks… and then work out how many players you could gain by replacing dropable or streamable players.  Do the same for your GW opponent, making a judgement call on who you think they would happily drop from their squad.  This will give you a good idea of the number of players you and your opponent could field during the particular Double or Blank GW.

Now its literally just a game of comparisons.  Look at the number of players you and your opponent each have, as well as the quality of the players in question.  Make a decision on if its actually worth it to try and get together a good team for the Double or Blank GW.  The last thing you want to do is compromise your squad by dropping good players to concentrate on a GW you’re unlikely to win!


📈 League Placement 📈

You also need to assess your current placement in the league table and decide if it’s in your best interest to potentially drop a good player without a fixture, for a decent player with a fixture, or drop a good single GW player for a decent double GW player.  This strategy is particularly useful if like us, you play a Head-To-Head style league, and you’re coming up against a fellow title rival.  You’re going to want to field a strong side; it would therefore be worth dropping a good player with a blank or single GW for a decent player with a fixture or double GW.

Look at your particular situation, and find a good balance between Double or Blank GW players for each particular head-to-head match up.  There’s no point destroying your team just for one gameweek.  Writing off one GW to ensure you win a different GW when you naturally have a strong squad is a good tactic.


We’ll now talk through each of the Double or Blank GWs, highlighting some general tactics for each GW, as well as particular players to target!  There are four particular GWs that are affected from here through to the end of the season; Double GW32, Blank GW33, Double GW34, and Double GW35.


💥 Double GW32 💥

GW32 is set to be a big one, with a massive 10 teams having a Double GW!!  These fixtures are mainly the re-arranged GW33 games, although some of the fixtures have been moved around between Double GW32 and Double GW35 due to fixture congestion. Four of the Top Six are involved in this Double GW, so big points should be incoming from the likes of Aguero, Kane, Pogba, and Hazard!

Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham will be key for Double GW32, although all of their key assets will already be taken in active Draft Leagues.  One team in particular who should be at the forefront of your thinking for Double GW32 is Crystal Palace.  The Eagles face Huddersfield during one of their GW32 fixtures, and they are one of only two teams that have a Double GW32, as well as a fixture during Blank GW33.  Chelsea are the other team with this benefit.

Elsewhere, Cardiff and Fulham feature in Double GW32.  Cardiff’s two fixtures are both against Top Six sides, so they won’t bring us many options, and similarly Fulham have limited options, as well as a fixture against Man City!

A trend throughout Double GW32 is going to be not backing Watford or Wolves too much, as they are very likely to rotate ahead of their FA Cup Semi Final.  Both sides did the same for the Quarter Finals, and now that the stakes are a lot higher they will surely do the same!  Brighton may rotate for their GW32 games, but as they are fighting against relegation, they can’t afford to rest their best players!  And Manchester City will rotate as always, but some of their players are still worth considering.

We’ll take you through the players to target by position for Double GW32.


👐 Goalkeepers 👐

Guaita (4% DFF) is one of the best Double GW32 options, as the Crystal Palace keeper faces struggling Huddersfield as part of the Double, and has a guaranteed fixture during Blank GW33.  If you’re looking for a keeper for the next couple of GWs and there aren’t many options out there, Guaita could be your man.  His ownership remains low on Draft Fantasy, as well as on Fantrax.

Ryan (20% DFF) is a good keeper to bring in if you can.  The Aussie shot stopper has a good chance of a clean sheet as Brighton host Southampton, and then he could compliment his GW score with save points against Chelsea.  Brighton also have a Double GW34 and Double GW35… so plenty of games coming up if you can afford to bench Ryan during his Blank GW33.

Ruddy (1% DFF) could be a target if you’re looking for a Double GW goalkeeper in a deeper league; he’s been playing the FA Cup games for Wolves, and will surely be given some more competitive games to keep up his sharpness before the FA Cup Semi Final.  Ruddy could be one to benefit from the squad rotation/FA Cup preparations at Wolves.  Ruddy’s FA Cup opposition Foster (27% DFF) could be an option as Watford do face struggling Fulham, but considering the rotation likely from Gracia, we’re not confident he would gain any worthwhile scores.


🛡 Defenders 🛡

Like above, Crystal Palace are high on our targets list due to the guaranteed Blank GW33 fixture. Wan-Bissaka (29% DFF), Tomkins (10% DFF) and Schlupp (8% DFF) are all worth signing up if you can, as they other potential at both ends of the pitch!  Next on the list comes potential free agent Manchester United pair Smalling (44% DFF) and Lindelof (29% DFF).  The Red Devils face Watford and Wolves during Double GW32, and will surely be fielding a full strength side as they push for a top four finish!  Smalling and Lindelof are great options if free; Smalling is still a free agent in our Draft League after returning to the side in recent weeks.

Elsewhere, Duffy (29% DFF) and Dunk (9% DFF) are decent options if you can get them; Brighton face Southampton at home during one of their Double GW32 fixtures.  Boly (25% DFF) and Coady (8% DFF) are possibly worth gambling on if you don’t have many options.  Wolves are likely to rotate ahead of the FA Cup Semi Final, but these two Chaps are playing pretty much every game.  Chelsea left back Emerson (20% DFF) is also worth considering, despite Alonso being brought back into the side for GW31.  Chelsea lost this game and were pretty poor, so Emerson could be brought back in for the Double GW32.

From the other five teams with a Double GW32, our thoughts are as follows.  Manchester City’s potential free agent defenders are likely to be rotated, as are Tottenham’sChap 1 has recently moved away from a Rose/Davies handcuffing, as if Tottenham have a Double GW, they will each play once and therefore make the double a bit pointless.  Something to consider if you’re in a similar situation.

Elsewhere, Watford will rotate ahead of the FA Cup Semi Final, so we’re unsure on who will feature for The Hornets.  And Cardiff and Fulham do not have defensive players that would warrant an inclusion in draft teams.  Chambers (2% DFF) is a potential option considering he plays in midfield for The Cottagers.


🎯 Midfielders 🎯

Our first port of call for Double GW32 midfielders is Crystal Palace.  The Eagles have that guaranteed Blank GW33 fixture to go alongside their Double GW32, so they are well worth tapping into.  The pick of the bunch is Milivojevic (42% DFF), but he’s unlikely to be a free agent in active Draft Leagues.  Therefore, look towards Townsend (34% DFF) if possible, as well as a guaranteed starter in McArthur (7% DFF).

Elsewhere, Brighton wingers Knockaert (8% DFF) and March (8% DFF) are well worth considering, as The Seagulls face Southampton at home in their first Double GW32 fixture.  Knockaert scored the spectacular winner against Crystal Palace in GW31, and March scored Brighton’s equaliser in the FA Cup Quarter Final against Millwall.  These Chaps should start both of Brighton’s GW32 fixtures.  And Fulham’s Ryan Babel (5% DFF) is also worth a punt.  The Dutch international faces tough matches against Man City and Watford in Double GW32, but considering he scored against Liverpool in GW31, he’s worth a shot if he’s a free agent!

There are potential options from Man City, Man Utd, and Tottenham, but they would be risky punts!

Gundogan (21% DFF) has seen his playing time increase due to injuries to Fernandinho and De Bruyne, but he’s still not guaranteed to play both Double GW32 matches.  Youngster Zinchencko (0% DFF) has seemingly cemented his place at left back, but as he’s classed as a midfielder, his potential is limited.  Mendy may also finally be fully fit by the time Double GW32 rolls around, so he’s not guaranteed to play.

Herrera (8% DFF) and Mata (21% DFF) offer potential routes into the Man Utd midfield.  Herrera should start both games, although he has been struggling with injuries recently.  He’s a solid signing if you’re after a midfielder who’s likely to get two games under his belt.  Mata is more likely to start one of the games, if any, so he’s a bit of a gamble, but one that could pay off handsomely.

And over at Tottenham, fringe players Moura (62% DFF) and Lamela (29% DFF) could earn one start over the Double GW32, but you’re probably better off looking at single GW players if you’re best options are Moura or Lamela are the best of the free agents.  Both of these Chaps are free agents in our classic eight man league, and we’re not considering either for our squads.

We’re not keen on the prospects from the remaining four teams, due to limited options, potential rotation, or poor prospects:

Chelsea don’t really offer us any midfield options; Hazard, Pedro, and Willian will be taken in all active leagues, and Kante, Jorginho, Kovacic and Barkley do not excite us at all as potential targets.

Watford and Wolves have their all important FA Cup Semi Final coming up after Double GW32, so its impossible to tell what kind of side they will put out during this GW.  Both managers rotated heavily, especially in the attacking positions, prior to the FA Cup Quarter Finals.  Jota (29% DFF) and Deulofeu (14% DFF) are worth taking a punt on if you can, as they are two of their sides’ best players!!

And finally, poor Cardiff face Man City and Chelsea during their Double GW32.  Camarasa (2% DFF) is potentially worth a punt considering he takes most of Cardiff’s set pieces.


⚽️ Forwards ⚽️

There really are not many options for Double GW32 forwards… Pretty much all of the 10 teams who have a Double GW have forwards who will be taken in all active leagues.  Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Tottenham will certainly not have any free agent forwards who play.  Brighton have Murray who will be taken, Palace have Zaha and Batshuayi who will be taken, Wolves have Jimenez who will be taken (but they are likely to rotate for this GW anyway), and Fulham just have Mitrovic.

Cardiff have Zohore (1% DFF) and Niasse (5% DFF), but considering the tough fixtures, we wouldn’t recommend signing either of those Chaps.  Locadia (6% DFF) could feature for Brighton during their two games if you’re desperate; he’s not been starting regularly.

With Watford likely to rest Deeney and Deulofeu for GW32, Andre Gray (22% DFF) could be worth a punt.  The Englishman has performed fairly well in recent weeks, as he’s bagged 2 goals in his last 5 Premier League games, and also scored in the FA Cup Quarter Final victory.

Other than that, there aren’t many options for Double GW32 forwards. If you need a striker, you’ll probably find better value from the free agents pool for players with a single GW!  Ashley Barnes (19% DFF) and Calvert-Lewin (19% DFF) would be the better options from the Draft Fantasy low ownership forwards!


⚡️ Blank GW33 ⚡️

GW33 brings us six fixtures, with the remaining four having been rescheduled due to the FA Cup Semi Finals.  Brighton, Manchester City, Watford, and Wolves have all had their GW33 games rearranged.

This leaves us with plenty of potential players to tap into.  Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool feature from the Top Six sides, as well as some good mid-table teams.  Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester, and West Ham should provide plenty of targets for Draft Fantasy managers, as well as a few potential options from Burnley and NewcastleHuddersfield and Southampton are the remaining two teams who feature in Blank GW33.

If you’ve been reading our Blank GW31 Strategy Guide hopefully you would have already snapped up some assets from the likes of Bournemouth, Leicester and West Ham in preparation for Blank GW33.  These are three of the teams that featured across both of the Blank GWs, who would have had some good free agents to tap into!

We’ll take you through the players to target by position once again.


👐 Goalkeepers 👐

There’s unlikely to be many free agent goalkeepers from the twelve teams that have a fixture, but there are a couple of players that have caught our eye.  One player in particular is Guatia (4% DFF).  As stated previously, Crystal Palace are one of just two sides that have a Double GW32, followed by a GW33 fixture.  Therefore, Guatia is a solid pick-up, as he’ll has a good chance of picking up one clean sheet in GW32 (and he did), and then faces Newcastle in GW33.

The other goalkeeper we’re recommending for GW33 is Gunn (2% DFF).  The young goalkeeper has been playing really well in recent weeks, and bagged a clean sheet in GW32.  Southampton face Liverpool in GW33, but we’re backing Gunn due to his upcoming good fixtures.  The Saints have Wolves at home in GW34, followed by a double GW35.  Take a few points from Gunn in GW33, in preparation for some bigger scores in the games following this!

Heaton (19% DFF) is another goalkeeper that holds low ownership on Draft Fantasy, but Burnley have been poor in terms of clean sheets in recent weeks, and face a Bournemouth side that usually do score. Lossl (15% DFF) faces a tough fixture, so we wouldn’t recommend bringing him in for Blank GW33, and Begovic and Boruc are chopping and changing for Bournemouth at the moment, so its tough to back either of those.


🛡 Defenders 🛡

The two main teams we’re backing defensively for Blank GW33 are Bournemouth and Leicester.

Bournemouth face Burnley at home, and have a good chance of keeping a clean sheet.  Ake (40% DFF) and Clyne (7% DFF) are the best options for us, with Daniels (4% DFF) and Mepham (0% DFF) likely to make up the back four.  Ake and Clyne offer attacking potential as well as the chance of a clean sheet!

Leicester face a trip to now relegated Huddersfield, so we’ve got to back them for a Blank GW33 clean sheet!  Evans (3% DFF) is the best option here, as the other defensive outlets are likely to be taken in all active Draft Leagues.  Snap up Chilwell or Pereira if you can!!!  Maguire will return from suspension for GW33, but will he go back into the side after Morgan’s goal and clean sheet in GW32?  Not sure… go with Evans as the safe bet!

Two of the big boys have good fixtures, but as ever with the Top Six sides, it hard to find a way into their starting elevens!  Chelsea face West Ham at home, so Emerson (20% DFF) could be an option.  He started one of the GW32 matches, and Alonso is struggling with injury.  Liverpool face a trip to Southampton, so Lovren (24% DFF) or Matip (12% DFF) could be worth bringing in if you feel like predicting Klopp’s centre back pairing!  Matip has started ten games in a row now, so he looks the more likely to continue in the side.

Everton v Arsenal brings us a few options, although we would expect both teams to score.  Looking at players that are below 35% ownership, Coleman (35% DFF), Kolasinac (31% DFF) and Sokratis (31% DFF) look to be the best options.  Arsenal have the luxury of a fixture during Blank GW33, and Double GW35, so snapping up an Arsenal Chap now could be worthwhile.  Koscielny (31% DFF) missed GW32 through injury, and we’re not sure if he’ll be back for GW33 at this stage.

And Newcastle v Crystal Palace is hard to predict, but does bring us some options to tap into.  Lascelles (21% DFF), Schar (2% DFF) and Lejeune (0% DFF), Wan-Bissaka (29% DFF), Tomkins (10% DFF), and Schlupp (8% DFF) are worth looking into.  Schar and Schlupp in particular provide attacking potential, as well as the chance of a clean sheet.

We wouldn’t recommend signing any Huddersfield defenders, and as Southampton are playing Liverpool they are a no go too; apart from youngster Valery (0% DFF).  The right-back has been playing extremely well, and has been gaining clean sheets and attacking returns in recent weeks!  Burnley have a couple of options in Tarkowski (32% DFF) and Taylor (1% DFF), although we would expect Bournemouth to breach their backline.  And finally, attacking points could potentially be found in West Ham pair Cresswell (18% DFF) and Rice (7% DFF), but we’re not expecting a clean sheet as The Hammers face a trip to Chelsea.


🎯 Midfielders 🎯

Once again Bournemouth and Leicester offer us some great Blank GW33 options in midfield, if you can get your hands on them!  Fraser (56% DFF) and Brooks (24% DFF) are great targets from The Cherries, and Tielemans (0% DFF) and Harvey Barnes (1% DFF) are good options from The Foxes.  If all of these Chaps are taken, Demarai Gray (6% DFF) could be worth a punt – he’s been in and out of the starting 11 since Rogers took over, but he does seem to suit the new managers style.  Burnley man McNeil (1% DFF) also offers us some great potential.  He’s scored consecutive goals for the Clarets, and they face Bournemouth this weekend.

From the Top Six sides in action during Blank GW33, Chelsea offer has with a couple of options after refreshing their side for the GW32 victory over Brighton.  Youngster Loftus-Cheek (2% DFF) and Hudson-Odoi (1% DFF) played really well, and could earn another start this weekend!  Loftus-Cheek bagged three attacking returns during Double GW32!

Mkhitaryan (42% DFF) is worth a punt from the Arsenal midfield if you can get him, whereas at Liverpool it’s a choice between Milner (28% DFF), Lallana (23% DFF) and Wijnaldum (18% DFF), although none of these excite us.  Richarlison (69% DFF) is worth a punt if a fellow manager has dropped the Everton man in recent weeks; he bagged goals in GW30 and 31!  Bernard (13% DFF) played really well in GW32, so he could be worth a go in Blank GW33.

Newcastle v Crystal Palace offers us a few midfielders to potentially tap into.  Milivojevic (42% DFF) and Townsend (34% DFF) are great options if you can get them, and similarly Ritchie (10% DFF) and Almiron (0% DFF) offer us potential attacking returns.  We’re expecting this game to be fairly entertaining, which should provide Draft Managers with some decent routes to possible points.

The best of the rest consists of Lanzini (12% DFF) from West Ham, although he faces Chelsea away.  Ward-Prowse (5% DFF) has been in great form recently, but Southampton face title chasing Liverpool.  Mooy (6% DFF) could be worth a punt as Huddersfield face Leicester in front of their own fans, although is would be very brave to back Huddersfield for anything!


⚽️ Forwards ⚽️

Forwards for Blank GW33 is a bit of a struggle to be honest.  Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool offer us nothing in terms of secure starters that we can tap into, and Southampton do not offer any forwards with much point potential; Ings (35% DFF) will be ineligible to face his parent club.

Newcastle offer us the best options for low ownership forwards, as Perez (40% DFF) and Rondon (28% DFF) have shown good form in recent weeks.  If either of these Chaps are free, sign them up for Blank GW33… they could do well facing Crystal Palace at home.  And speaking of The Eagles, if their main man Batshuayi (0% DFF) is a free agent, he needs to be signed immediately.  Palace have a Double GW32 preceding this GW, so they are a team well worth tapping into.  Benteke (27% DFF) could earn a start, but is likely to see minutes from the bench once again.

Burnley boys Wood (30% DFF) and Barnes (18% DFF) are decent options as they face Bournemouth away, although they are likely to be taken in all active Draft Leagues after being in the small pool of forwards that had a game during Blank GW31.  Elsewhere, West Ham forward Hernandez (36% DFF) could be an option after performing well in recent weeks, although he faces a trip to Chelsea.  Similarly, Everton’s Calvert-Lewin (18% DFF) is in good form, but faces a Top Six side.  Arsenal are pretty poor at the back though, so the English youngster is worth a punt!!!

And finally, a couple of under the radar options for deeper leagues would be Bournemouth back-up striker Solanke (4% DFF), and Huddersfield’s January signing Grant (0% DFF).  Solanke will play second fiddle to Wilson and King for the remainder of the season, but he will earn minutes from the bench in Blank GW33.  And Grant scored a brace in GW31, so he could potentially perform again as The Terriers face Leicester.


☄️ Double GW34 ☄️

Just two teams have the benefit of a Double GW34; Brighton and Cardiff.  Although not the best news for Draft Managers, the fact that both of these sides are involved in the relegation battle will play into our favour; they will both field strong lineups for both games!  Also, Brighton will have played their FA Cup semi-final, so should be fully focused on their Premier League games.

We’ll take you through each team separately, talking through the best players to target.


🔵 Brighton ⚪️

Two home fixtures for The Seagulls in this Double GW34, and both are winnable games; Bournemouth and Cardiff are the opposition.  Therefore, Brighton should be at the forefront of your thinking for this GW!  We would recommend trying to pick up an attacking player, as well as a defender (or maybe two!) for these fixtures.

⚽️ Attacking Players ⚽️ 

As it stands, we’re rating Knockaert (8% DFF) as the best attacking prospect from Brighton that could potentially be picked up as a free agent.  The Frenchman has been in good form recently, scoring the sensational winning goal against Crystal Palace in GW30.  Knockaert is a player that you should be targeting for GW34!

Elsewhere, Gross (30% DFF) and March (8% DFF) also offer decent potential, although both are struggling with injuries!!  Gross has been out injured of late, and has returned to training, but is unlikely to start both games of Double GW34.  March had been in and out of the starting eleven in recent times, but is unlikely to start both games due to a recent injury.

Two players that have been on the periphery all season, Jahanbaksh (16% DFF) and Izquierdo (9% DFF) could be worth a shot as at least one of these two Chaps looks set to start during Double GW34 due to the aforementioned injuries to Gross and March.  Jahanbaksh has been seeing the most game time in recent weeks.

Big striker Murray (48% DFF) is a great option if he’s a free agent, although based on the ownership statistics, he’s likely to be taken by a fellow Draft Manager.

🛡 Defensive Players 🛡 

Duffy (29% DFF) is the premium asset here.  The Irishman is Brighton’s best defender, and has attacking potential from corners too.  He’s the top scorer from their backline for a reason.  If a fellow manager drops Duffy for Blank GW33, he’s an essential pick up ready for Double GW34 (and GW35).

Elsewhere, Dunk (9% DFF) is the second best option, with Montoya (0% DFF) and Bernardo (0% DFF) currently occupying the full back berths.  Any of these Chaps is worth a punt for Double GW34, as long as they are still in the team by the time the fixtures roll around.

As ever, Aussie keeper Ryan (20% DFF) will be in goal, and is a good option for anyone who is able to bring in a goalkeeper for this GW.


🔵 Cardiff 🔵

The Blues face away trips to Burnley and Brighton during their Double GW34, which isn’t the best as Cardiff don’t tend to travel well.  That being said, it could be worth tapping into one or two of their assets for some double game banter!

⚽️ Attacking Players ⚽️ 

The best attacking outlet for Cardiff is undoubtedly Camarasa (2% DFF).  The Spaniard is the key creator for the Blues, and he’s taking most of the set pieces.  Camarasa has had injury issues recently, but by the time Double GW34 arrives, he should be back to full fitness, and has a decent chance of picking up a good GW score.  At the moment it’s hard to predict who will be playing in the Cardiff midfield.  Early season favourite Paterson has seemingly dropped out of favour.

Forwards Niasse (5% DFF) and Zohore (1% DFF) could start these games, but wait until nearer the time before making a move on either of these.  That being said, a single GW player will probably be a better option than either of these Chaps.

🛡 Defensive Players 🛡 

Goalkeeper Etheridge (38% DFF) and Morrison (6% DFF) are the pick of the bunch from the Cardiff defensive players, although they won’t necessarily score higher than a single GW player with a good fixture!  As Cardiff face two away trips during this Double GW, clean sheets are unlikely, so you would be relying on save points from Etheridge, and potential attacking returns from Morrison.


⭐️ Double GW35 ⭐️

Double GW35 brings us eight teams with two fixtures, and there are quite a lot of players to target here.  Four of the top six play twice; Arsenal, Man City, Man United, and Tottenham, as well as two top half of the table sides in Watford and WolvesBrighton and Southampton also feature, and considering they are fighting relegation, they should offer us potential players.

GW35 is featured in our recent Draft Fantasy Power Rankings from GW34 to GW38. Check this out for our Top 15 picks for GW35!!

We’ll take you through the players to target by position this time around.


👐 Goalkeepers 👐

Not much to choose from in terms of Goalkeepers with a Double GW35!  The three first choice keepers with below 35% ownership are Foster, Ryan, and Gunn.

Foster (27% DFF) is the best option here, as Watford face a trip to already relegated Huddersfield, before taking on Southampton in front of their own fans.  You would expect at least one clean sheet for Foster here, and with the possibility of save points, he should make it into a double digit score!

Gunn (5% DFF) is a decent option, now that the youngster has established himself in the Southampton starting eleven.  The Saints face trips to Newcastle and Watford during Double GW35, which obviously isn’t the best, but there is a chance of picking up one clean sheet.  These fixtures are avoiding Top Six clubs, so take a punt on Gunn if you can.

Ryan (22% DFF) faces two games away from home, and one of these includes a trip to Tottenham for Brighton.  Therefore, we’re not recommending bringing in Ryan for GW35.  You would probably be better off bringing in a low ownership goalkeeper with a single fixture, especially after Brighton shipped five goals against Bournemouth!


🛡 Defenders 🛡

The three teams we would target in defence for Double GW35 are Watford, Southampton, and Wolves.  We ranked Mariappa, Valery, and Boly in 5th, 6th and 7th in our GW35 Draft Fantasy Power Rankings!  Although Mariappa seems to have lost his place in the side now… Cathcart is a better option!

Starting with Watford, they face Huddersfield and Southampton during their Double GW35, so there is a chance they could bring us two clean sheets!  There is a strong possibility of a shut out against Huddersfield, and the fixture against Southampton gives us decent clean sheet potential.  From the Watford defenders, its Cathcart (12% DFF) that we have singled out, as he’s likely to be a free agent in most Draft Leagues.  The centre back has been a mainstay in the side in recent months.  Elsewhere, the full backs are hard to predict, as Feminia and Holebas have been struggling with injuries, and Janmaat and Masina are very able stand-ins.  Kabasele started in GW34, with Mariappa on the bench.

Moving on to Southampton, they have two away games, but have a chance of picking up a clean sheet during their Double GW35 as both games are avoiding Top Six clubs; Newcastle and Watford.  Our marquee player from the Saints is young right back Valery (2% DFF), as he offers plenty of attacking potential, and will be a free agent in most Draft Leagues!  Valery ranked 4th overall in our Power Rankings for the final five GWs, so he’s a very good signing for the remainder of the season.  Elsewhere, Yoshida (1% DFF) and Bednarek (1% DFF) have both established themselves in the starting 11, and would be good alternatives to Valery.

And Wolves have home games against Brighton and Arsenal; we would expect a clean sheet against Brighton, and then anything they gain against Arsenal would be a bonus.  There may be plenty of options available in the Wolves defence, as they have had two blank GWs in recent times.  Our best bet is Boly (27% DFF) as he is guaranteed to play every game, and offers some goal threat from set-pieces.  The big defender was ranked 10th overall in our Power Rankings for GW34 through to GW38!  Elsewhere, Jonny (13% DFF) and Coady (8% DFF) are good options, although Jonny faces the threat of rotation, and Coady doesn’t offer much attacking potential.

Looking elsewhere, Arsenal could be a good punt for a clean sheet, as one of their Double GW35 fixtures is at home to Crystal Palace.  The Gunners are awful on the road, so we wouldn’t expect any defensive returns during the trip to Wolves, however.  They did gain an away clean sheet in GW34 though!  Mustafi (35% DFF) is the player we highlighted in our Power Rankings, and Koscielny (32% DFF) has now returned from injury.  Elsewhere, Sokratis is suspended, and Kolasinac was dropped for GW34, so he can’t be trusted for the Double GW.

The remaining three Top Six sides are very unlikely to have any defensive assets worth tapping into, or they actually have tough fixtures. Manchester United face Everton and Manchester City during Double GW35, Manchester City have two tough fixtures, and Tottenham don’t have any low ownership defenders who are likely to start both games.

The final side with a Double GW35 is Brighton, although they face trips to Wolves and Tottenham, so a clean sheet is unlikely.  Duffy (28% DFF) could be worth hanging on to if you already own him after his Double GW34 – he has a chance of popping up with a goal!


🎯 Midfielders 🎯

Similar to the defenders, the teams we’re backing strongly are Watford, Wolves, and Southampton, as they offer us plenty of routes to potential points from low ownership midfielders!

We’ll start with Watford, as their main man Deulofeu (21% DFF) came out on top of our GW35 Power Rankings article (as well as 3rd place overall!!!).  Watford face Huddersfield and Southampton in GW35, and we expect the Spaniard to be heavily involved in The Hornets’ attacking play.  Team mate Doucoure (27% DFF) also ranked highly in our Power Rankings, and he has a good chance of a second big Double GW haul, after his two goals in Double GW32.  Hughes (4% DFF) is a decent under the radar pick from Watford too; he’s scored well in recent weeks.

Moving on to Southampton, their main man Ward-Prowse (11% DFF) ranked 2nd in our GW35 Power Rankings, as The Saints face trips to Newcastle and Watford.  JWP also ranked 1st in our overall table for prospects between GW34 and GW38.  The youngster is a great prospect ahead of the season run-in!  Redmond (16% DFF) is also worth a punt for GW35, if you can; he bagged two goals in GW34!

And Wolves have home games against Brighton and Arsenal, so their main man in midfield, Jota (34% DFF) should be targeted!  He’s been on great form since the turn of the year, and looks set for a big haul in Double GW35!  Team mate Moutinho (22% DFF) is worth a punt if he’s a free agent in your Draft League.

Elsewhere, Konckaert (8% DFF) will now be suspended after his GW34 red card, so we wouldn’t recommend any of Brigton’s boys for Double GW35, and Gundogan (22% DFF) might be worth a shot.  City do have hard fixtures, and Pep loves to rotate, however!

Five Chaps with just a single GW, but potential to score well, as Tielemans (17% DFF), Brooks (27% DFF), Lanzini (19% DFF), Hudson-Odoi (7% DFF), and Loftus-Cheek (5% DFF).  Looks towards these players if you don’t fancy any of the midfielders who are free agents in your Draft League!

And finally, a couple of big name players who have over 35% ownership, but could be free agents, are Sanchez (70% DFF) and Moura (52% DFF).  Sanchez has had an awful season, and has now returned from injury.  United have a Double GW35, so he could be worth a punt if you fancy some additional Double GW banter.  And Moura has seen his prospects raised after the injury to Kane… he started for Tottenham in GW34, and bagged a hat trick!!!!


⚽️ Forwards ⚽️

Extremely slim pickings for Forwards that may be available during Double GW35!!!

The best bet here is Ings (20% DFF), as he’s most likely to be a free agent after his recent injury troubles.  Southampton face two away trips in GW35; to Newcastle and Watford.  Not the best, but Ings is by far the strongest option of the forwards with ownership below 35%.  Word of warning here though; Ings is only likely to start one of these games, due to his recent injury/fitness issues.

Elsewhere, you’re looking towards Llorente (12% DFF) and Gray (23% DFF).  Llorente’s prospects have increased after Kane’s injury, and Gray’s prospects have also increased after Deeney’s suspension.  Both of these Chaps are worth a punt!

Looking at single GW players, Rondon (28% DFF) looks like a good pick as Newcastle face Southampton, and Calvert-Lewin (18% DFF) has been on great form in recent weeks, although Everton do face Manchester United in GW35.


📝 Ownership Statistics 📝

The quoted ownership statistics were taken from Draft Fantasy and Fantrax.  Check them out if you’re after an online platform for your Draft Fantasy Football League!  Draft Fantasy uses a scoring system similar to the standard Official FPL game, where as Fantrax mainly uses the more intelligent scoring system made famous by Togga.


🚨 Draft Fantasy Power Rankings 🚨

Navigating GW34 to GW38 is a make or break time for Draft Fantasy Managers as we come up to the season finale… therefore we bring to you our brand new Special Feature: Power Rankings!!  We highlight our Top 15 differential players for each particular GW (under 35% ownership), give them a score out of fifteen, and produce a combined Power Ranking table that spans across these five GWs.


🔥 Hot or Cold Player Rankings ❄️

Our Hot or Cold Player Rankings are here to outline the current prospects of key Draft Fantasy Football Players.  Our ‘Hot‘ or ‘Cold‘ status will help take away your emotional attachment to certain Premier League players, and bring in the players that you need to help you dominate your Draft League.  Use these hints and tips to increase your chances of success!


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