Fantrax Power Rankings: GW32 to GW36

Navigating GW32 to GW36 is a make or break time for Fantrax Managers… therefore we bring to you a brand new Special Feature: Power Rankings!!


We’re going to highlight our Top 10 differential players for each particular GW (under 60% ownership), give them a score out of ten, and produce a combined Power Ranking table that spans across these five GWs.  Using these hints and tips, hopefully Fantrax Managers can make the most of this congested time for Premier League fixtures!!


If you’ve missed our End of Season Doubles and Blanks article, make sure you check this out immediately!  Although focusing on providing hints and tips for Draft Fantasy and FPL Draft players, our detailed analysis looks into strategies that may be applicable to  Fantrax Managers too.


Our friend @tottiandor has created a great table marking out where the fixtures fall for Fantrax managers.  Check out his incredible work here!!  This is essential information for Fantrax managers, as their GW fixture lists can be quite hard to find/decipher!


📚 Power Ranking Format 📚

As alluded to above, we’ll be producing a Top 10 list of differential players – under 60% ownership –  for each particular GW.  We will assign a points system to each GW, with the player ranked 1st gaining 10 points, the player ranked 2nd gaining 9 points, as so on.  At the end of the article this will then produce a table combining all of the scores, to provide us with the best targets for this period of fixtures.  Hopefully it works!!!


💥 GW32 💥

No Double GW32 for Fantrax players, as most of the FPL doubles actually fall into GW33.  Therefore, its just a standard single GW here!

  1. Jeffrey Schlupp – Huddersfield (Home), 50% ownership, 14.9 PPG (since Feb 2)
  2. Ashley Barnes – Wolves (Home), 60% ownership, 10.88 PPG
  3. Anthony Knockaert – Southampton (Home), 56% ownership, 13.3 PPG
  4. Laurent Koscielny – Newcastle (Home), 42% ownership, 8.33 PPG
  5. Manuel Lanzini – Everton (Home), 59% ownership, 2.9 PPG
  6. Lewis Dunk – Southampton (Home), 37% ownership, 7.6 PPG
  7. Dominic Calvert-Lewin – West Ham (Away), 35% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  8. Harvey Barnes – Bournemouth (Home), 42% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  9. Victor Lindelof – Watford (Home), 45% ownership, 8.8 PPG
  10. Ashley Westwood – Wolves (Home), 51% ownership, 8.8 PPG


⚡️ GW33 ⚡️

Chelsea and Crystal Palace have a double in the Fantrax GW33 schedule, although Chelsea have limited options for differential picks, and Palace face two away trips for the double.

  1. Fabian Schar – Crystal Palace (Home), 56% ownership, 10.4 PPG (since Feb 2)
  2. Harvey Barnes – Huddersfield (Away), 42% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  3. Dominic Calvert-Lewin – Arsenal (Home), 35% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  4. Jeffrey Schlupp – Tottenham (Away) + Newcastle (Away), 50% ownership, 14.9 PPG (since Feb 2)
  5. Ryan Babel – Watford (Away), 43% ownership, 7.1 PPG
  6. Chris Mepham – Burnley (Home), 4% ownership, 2.7 PPG
  7. Victor Lindelof – Wolves (Away), 45% ownership, 8.8 PPG
  8. Oleksandr Zinchencko – Cardiff (Home), 32% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  9. Ashley Barnes – Bournemouth (Away), 60% ownership, 10.88 PPG
  10. James McArthur – Tottenham (Away) + Newcastle (Away) 39% ownership, 6.4 PPG


☄️ GW34 ☄️

Another single GW here on Fantrax… The Brighton v Cardiff fixture in Official FPL is bumped back to GW35 in Fantrax, so its not quite time to back The Seagulls!

  1. Ashley Barnes – Cardiff (Home), 60% ownership, 10.88 PPG (since Feb 2)
  2. Harvey Barnes – Newcastle (Home), 42% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  3. Jan Bednarek – Wolves (Home), 9% ownership, 9.2 PPG
  4. Victor Lindelof – West Ham (Home), 45% ownership, 8.8 PPG
  5. Ryan Babel – Everton (Home), 43% ownership, 7.1 PPG
  6. Charlie Taylor – Cardiff (Home), 11% ownership, 4 PPG
  7. Dominic Calvert-Lewin – Fulham (Away), 35% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  8. Victor Camarasa – Burnley (Away), 46% ownership, 11.5 PPG
  9. Laurent Koscielny – (Watford Away), 42% ownership, 8.33 PPG
  10. Dwight McNeil – Cardiff (Home), 46% ownership, 9.3 PPG


⭐️ GW35 ⭐️

We’ve got a small Fantrax Double GW here, as Brighton and Cardiff both have two games.  This should bring us a few options to consider!

  1. Fabian Schar – Southampton (Home), 56% ownership, 10.4 PPG (since Feb 2)
  2. Anthony Knockaert – Cardiff (Home) + Wolves (Away), 56% ownership, 13.3 PPG
  3. Lewis Dunk – Cardiff (Home) + Wolves (Away), 37% ownership, 7.6 PPG
  4. Victor Camarasa – Brighton (Away) + Liverpool (Home), 46% ownership, 11.5 PPG
  5. Laurent Koscielny – Crystal Palace (Home), 42% ownership, 8.33 PPG
  6. Manuel Lanzini – Leicester (Home), 59% ownership, 2.9 PPG
  7. Chris Mepham – Fulham (Home), 4% ownership, 2.7 PPG
  8. Jan Bednarek – Newcastle (Away), 9% ownership, 9.2 PPG
  9. Ryan Babel – Bournemouth (Away), 43% ownership, 7.1 PPG
  10. Harvey Barnes – West Ham (Away), 42% ownership, 8.6 PPG


🌈 GW36 🌈

Now here’s the big one for Fantrax Managers!!  Eight teams have a Double GW, and this coincides with the Playoffs, if your league has this feature!  Arsenal, Brighton, Man City, Man Utd, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, and Wolves have a double!!

  1. Jan Bednarek – Watford (Away) + Bournemouth (Home), 9% ownership, 9.2 PPG (since Feb 2)
  2. Adrian Mariappa – Southampton (Home) + Wolves (Home), 2% ownership, 5.8 PPG
  3. Anthony Knockaert – Tottenham (Away) + Newcastle (Home), 56% ownership, 13.3 PPG
  4. Craig Cathcart – Southampton (Home) + Wolves (Home), 16% ownership, 5.6 PPG
  5. Laurent Koscielny – Wolves (Away) + Leicester (Away), 42% ownership, 8.33 PPG
  6. Ryan Babel – Cardiff (Home), 43% ownership, 7.1 PPG
  7. Oleksandr Zinchencko – Man United (Away) + Burnley (Away), 32% ownership, 8.6 PPG
  8. Victor Camarasa – Fulham (Away), 46% ownership, 11.5 PPG
  9. Lewis Dunk – Tottenham (Away) + Newcastle (Home), 37% ownership, 7.6 PPG
  10. Fabian Schar – Brighton (Away), 56% ownership, 10.4 PPG


📊 Overall Power Rankings!!! 📊

And here we have the final points table, based on our Rankings from GW32 to 36!!

These are the scores out of 50:

Ranking Player Overall Score
1 Anthony Knockaert 25
2 Harvey Barnes 22
3 Ashley Barnes 21
3 Fabian Schar 21
3 Jan Bednarek 21
3 Laurent Koscielny 21
7 Ryan Babel 19
8 Jeffrey Schlupp 17
9 Dominic Calvert-Lewin 16
10 Lewis Dunk 15
11 Victor Camarasa 13
11 Victor Lindelof 13
13 Manuel Lanzini 11
14 Chris Mepham 9
14 Adrian Mariappa 9
16 Oleksandr Zinchenko 7
16 Craig Cathcart 7
18 Charlie Taylor 5
19 Ashley Westwood 1
19 James McArthur 1
19 Dwight McNeil 1

Knockaert comes out on top, after featuring highly due to a home fixture against Southampton, as well as two double gameweeks.  His ranking is dependent on him keeping his place in the side between now and the rest of the season!

Harvey Barnes, Ashley Barnes, Koscielny, and Babel all feature across several different GWs, which shows that they could be fairly consistent sources of points across GW32 to 36.  Defenders Schar and Bednarek also feature highly on our list, although Bednarek comes into our thinking from GW34 onwards.

Calvert-Lewin and Schlupp feature in only a few Top 10s, but still score well overall.  It looks like they could be good explosive options if they can keep their places in the respective sides.

Watford defenders Mariappa and Cathcart feature in just one GW, as they have a good double GW36, and will have played their FA Cup Semi Final by the point.  They could be great assets for the GW36 Playoffs.


📝 Ownership Statistics 📝

The quoted ownership statistics were taken from Draft Fantasy and Fantrax.  Check them out if you’re after an online platform for your Draft Fantasy Football League!  Draft Fantasy uses a scoring system similar to the standard Official FPL game, where as Fantrax mainly uses the more intelligent scoring system made famous by Togga.


🔔 End of Season Doubles And Blanks 🔔

Double and Blank GWs are incoming!!  Check out our Strategy Guide in order to carefully navigate this period now that the re-arranged fixtures have been announced!  This period can make or break your season, so we’re here to provide some hints and tips to make this a successful period in your Draft League.


🔥 Hot or Cold Player Rankings ❄️

Our Hot or Cold Player Rankings are here to outline the current prospects of key Draft Fantasy Football Players.  Our ‘Hot‘ or ‘Cold‘ status will help take away your emotional attachment to certain Premier League players, and bring in the players that you need to help you dominate your Draft League.  Use these hints and tips to increase your chances of success!


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